Cheddar & Onion Keto Waffles with Cannabis-Infused Ranch DipBy My Edibles ChefThese Cheddar & Onion Keto Waffles with Cannabis-Infused Ranch Dip are so quick & easy to whip up you can enjoy them any time of day. Make your own ranch dressing or stir some cannabis olive oil into your favourite store-bought dressing.
Vegetarian Sun-dried Tomato & Cannabis Pesto PizzaBy My Edibles ChefHomemade Vegetarian Sun-dried Tomato & Cannabis Pesto Pizza. Use your favourite store-bought crust or make your own dough & load it up with cannabis-infused pesto sauce, vegetables & cheese.
Green Eggs & Ham Cannabutter Breakfast SandwichBy My Edibles ChefThis is the easiest edible you will ever make & this is the simplest recipe I will ever post! Ham & an egg fried in emerald green cannabutter makes for one epic breakfast sandwich.
Saffron & Chorizo Cannabis Fried RiceBy My Edibles ChefSaffron & chorizo are mixed with carrots, peas & rice then fried with cannabutter. An easy & delicious twist on the popular Chinese take-out meal!
Cannabis-Infused Veal Shoulder RagùBy The Ganja MamaFresh veal shoulder is slow cooked in a hearty cannabis-infused ghee sauce. Ragù is usually served over pasta but can also be served with polenta.
West Coast Garden Salad with Cannabis Olive Oil & Dill DressingBy My Edibles ChefThis beautiful salad is inspired by the vegetables that grow in my garden. On the West Coast of Canada, our growing season is from May to October. Red lettuce, carrots, beets & grape tomatoes make up the base of the salad with lots of freshly chopped dill & an easy cannabis olive oil dressing with balsamic reduction.
Cannabis Infused Turkey Stuffed PeppersBy My Edibles ChefThese turkey stuffed bell peppers are infused with cannabis olive oil & seasoned to perfection. Not only are they delicious but they are also rich in Vitamin C, B6 & THC/CBD! Make them ahead of time & bake for a quick & easy meal.
Easy Campfire Cannabis TacosBy My Edibles ChefCooking over an open fire a is long lost art so I'm bringing back since camping season is upon us! It's time to brush up on your cooking skills with this easy campfire cannabis taco recipe!
Easy & Juicy Turkey Burgers with CBD Bacon JamBy My Edibles ChefTurkey burgers have become a staple in my kitchen. They can be made ahead of time or kept frozen for days later. I am sharing this easy & juicy turkey burger with CBD bacon jam recipe with you because I believe that a healthy & delicious meal can still be achieved even if you have a busy schedule. Keep it low carb with a lettuce wrap! There is also the option to infuse the burger with cannaoil if you so desire.
Ham & Peas Pasta with Parmesan Cannabutter SauceBy My Edibles ChefDo you want an easy-to-cook yet elegant recipe? Than you must try this ham & peas pasta with parmesan cannabutter sauce. It can be a boring dish so I added a bit of flair. Let me guide you on how to prepare this wonderful cannabis-infused ham & peas pasta dish.
Crock Pot Marijuana Mac & Cheese With Jalapeño & AvocadoBy My Edibles ChefCrock pot marijuana mac & cheese is infused with cannabutter, cooked with jalapeño cheese & mixed with avocado mash right at the end. It's creamy, it's cheesy & it's rich in flavour. This is the ultimate comfort food & will leave you feeling ready for a midday siesta!
Smokey Cannabis Cheese & Onion Hand PiesBy My Edibles ChefFlaky, buttery pastry stuffed with a smokey, sweet potato & sharp cheese filling, balanced out with the texture of tender onions. These cannabis, cheese & onion hand pies are guaranteed to disappear fast. They require some time & effort to make but I promise, it is worth it!
Easy Cannabis-Infused Chicken AdoboBy My Edibles ChefDelicious & easy cannabis-infused chicken adobo. Fresh & simple ingredients produce an amazing flavor that you will not be able to resist. Pair with freshly cooked rice or bread & steamed broccoli or sautéed spinach or kale.
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