Raspberry Lemon BudcakesRaspberry Lemon BudcakesBy My Edibles ChefTangy lemon cannabis-infused cupcakes, swirls of raspberry jam buttercream, topped with fresh raspberries. These budcakes are literally summer wrapped in a cute cupcake liner!
Compost Cannabis CookiesCompost Cannabis CookiesBy My Edibles ChefA THC twist on the famous sweet & salty cookie from Milk Bar, NYC. These cookies are filled with bits of candy & snack food creating the ultimate edible!
Hazelnut Buzznana Cannabis WafflesHazelnut Buzznana Cannabis WafflesBy My Edibles ChefThese crispy, fluffy hazelnut buzznana cannabis waffles were inspired by a local waffle cafe in Vancouver. Ground toasted hazelnuts are mixed into the batter with whipped egg whites to make them light & airy.Once cooked to perfection in the Waffleye Cannabis-Shaped Waffle Maker they are finished with brûléed bananas, chocolate hazelnut spread & chocolate hazelnut whipping cream.
Easter Egg Chocolate Cannabutter FudgeChocolate Easter Egg & Cannabutter FudgeBy My Edibles ChefYou can have your fudge & chocolate Easter eggs too! Easy, fresh fudge made with simply sweet ingredients, cream & cannabutter. What's the point of having a Sweet Tooth if you don't use it?!
Vegan Orange Creamsicle Cannabis GummiesVegan Orange Creamsicle Cannabis GummiesBy My Edibles ChefVegan orange creamsicle cannabis gummies are quick & easy to make right in the comfort of your own kitchen. These gummies are made with an oil-based cannabis tincture so it has to be mixed into the coconut cream layer. You can combine the two mixtures together if you want to speed up the recipe as well.
Peanut Budder & Marshmallow Banana BarsPeanut Budder & Marshmallow Banana BarsBy My Edibles ChefThe classic peanut butter marshmallow bars with a couple of twists. Banana marshmallows are the new mini marshmallows, but the secret ingredient (CANNABIS) is in the infused peanut butter. If you do not have any infused peanut butter on hand then swap out some of the regular butter for CANNABUTTER!!
Easy Cannabutter Pistachio FudgeEasy Cannabutter Pistachio FudgeBy My Edibles ChefEasy Cannabutter Pistachio Fudge or as I also like to call it, Faded Fudge! This recipe is made extra tasty with marshmallow fluff, instant pudding mix & loads of freshly chopped pistachios.
The Best Potent Weed Galaxy Brownies The Best Easy Space Cake RecipePotent Weed Galaxy BrowniesBy My Edibles ChefSPACE brownies, POT brownies, WEED brownies, whatever you want to call them, these will surely land you somewhere between Cloud 9 & the Milky Way. Make them less potent by substituting half or three-quarters of the cannabutter for regular butter.
Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Weed CookiesQuick & Easy Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Weed CookiesBy My Edibles ChefGluten-free dark chocolate sea salt weed cookies are low carb, high in fiber, contains THC medicine & don't taste like cardboard! These are super quick & easy to whip up & don't require any starches or stabilizers. Make them dairy-free by substituting the kinds of butter for a dairy alternative.
DIY Cannabis Infused Cupcake Class Vancouver, BCVanilla Bean Cupcakes With CBD Strawberry FillingBy My Edibles ChefVanilla cupcakes filled with CBD strawberry filling, topped with fluffy vanilla bean buttercream. With this flavour combo, these cupcakes will surely leave you & guests in a state of sweet bliss.
High-Vita with Fig & Walnut Cream CheeseHigh-Vita with Fig & Walnut Cream CheeseBy Baker's DozenTangy cream cheese is naturally sweetened with fresh seasonal figs then blended with cannaoil & rich buttery walnuts. Spread onto crackers of your choice & voilà, you have an easy elevated snack or appie!
Quick & Easy Homemade Cannabis GummiesBlood Orange Hibiscus Rose Cannabis-Infused Kombucha GummiesBy My Edibles ChefHomemade THC or CBD kombucha gummies are easy to make right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Best of all, they are easy on the wallet too! Feel free to use a store-bought, flavoured kombucha to cater to your taste buds which will make this recipe even quicker to whip up.
Infused Low Carb Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Banana MuffinsInfused Low Carb Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Banana MuffinsBy My Edibles ChefThese low carb grain-free chocolate banana muffins are fast & simple to make. They are perfect for breakfast, dessert or snacks on the go. Infuse with cannabis coconut oil & use dark chocolate chips to keep these muffins dairy-free & gluten-free.
Micro-Dosed Jam CookiesMicro-Dose Jam CookiesBy My Edibles ChefThese micro-dose jam cookies are one of my favourite recipes to make, also known as petit fours sec which translates to "little oven dry". These can be filled with any kind of jam or a variety to have an array of flavours & colours. water-soluble THC or CBD tincture mixed into jam is the method of infusion. They are the perfect micro-dosed treat, I think I shall start calling them, "petite dose sec".
Triple Chocolate Candy Cane Weed CookiesTriple Chocolate Candy Cane Weed CookiesBy Cannabis NearMeThe timeless combination of chocolate & peppermint makes these Triple Chocolate Candy Cane Weed Cookies the perfect treat or gift for the holidays!
Snow Clouds Over Canada CakeSnow Clouds Over Canada CakeBy My Edibles ChefSnow Clouds Over Canada Cake. Vanilla bean genoise cake layered with CBD infused earl grey milk chocolate ganache & white chocolate mousse.
Gluten-Free Elevated Lemon Sandwich CookiesGluten-Free Elevated Lemon Sandwich CookiesBy Cannabis Cooking MagaznieGluten-free elevated lemon sandwich cookies are filled with a sweet Meyer lemon & cannabutter cream. These bite-sized beauties are perfect for gifting.
The BEST Chocolate Salted Caramel Canna CookiesThe BEST Chocolate Salted Caramel Canna CookiesBy Cannabis Cooking CompanyThis is the BEST chocolate salted caramel canna cookie recipe. A mixture of canna-coconut oil & regular coconut oil are the preferred method of infusion but cannabutter can easily be used instead.
Easy Cookies and Cream Infused FudgeEasy Cookies and Cream Infused FudgeBy My Edibles ChefFudge is a classic candy from the 1800's & with all the new flavourings & toppings, it is even more decadent than ever before. Made with just a few simple ingredients & weed butter, this is a treat that anyone with a sweet tooth will love. It makes the perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend or family member.
Salted Cannabis Caramel ShortbreadSalted Cannabis Caramel ShortbreadBy My Edibles ChefButtery cookies layered with a creamy, salted cannabis caramel that is so rich & pairs perfectly with the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate topping that encapsulates all of the deliciousness. Elevate any special occasion with this dank dessert.
Zkittles Cannabis Cloud with Summer FruitsZkittles Cannabis Cloud with Summer FruitsBy Clay InscoeIt is summertime somewhere! Infused summer fruits served up on a fig leaf. An easy, simple & fresh dessert starring the Raspberry Zkittlez Cannabis Cloud with terpenes.