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Saffron & Chorizo Cannabis Fried RiceSaffron & Chorizo Cannabis Fried RiceBy My Edibles ChefSaffron & chorizo are mixed with carrots, peas & rice then fried with cannabutter. An easy & delicious twist on the popular Chinese take-out meal!
Easy Strawberry & Marijuana MilkshakeEasy Strawberry & Marijuana MilkshakeBy My Edibles ChefThe classic milkshake with a berry special twist. Enjoy this easy to make marijuana milkshake with dairy or substitute all of the ingredients for non-dairy alternatives making this decadent a treat for everyone!
Raspberry Lemon BudcakesRaspberry Lemon BudcakesBy My Edibles ChefTangy lemon cannabis-infused cupcakes, swirls of raspberry jam buttercream, topped with fresh raspberries. These budcakes are literally summer wrapped in a cute cupcake liner!
Compost Cannabis CookiesCompost Cannabis CookiesBy My Edibles ChefA THC twist on the famous sweet & salty cookie from Milk Bar, NYC. These cookies are filled with bits of candy & snack food creating the ultimate edible!
West Coast Garden Salad with Cannabis Olive Oil & Dill DressingWest Coast Garden Salad with Cannabis Olive Oil & Dill DressingBy My Edibles ChefThis beautiful salad is inspired by the vegetables that grow in my garden. On the West Coast of Canada, our growing season is from May to October. Red lettuce, carrots, beets & grape tomatoes make up the base of the salad with lots of freshly chopped dill & an easy cannabis olive oil dressing with balsamic reduction.
Cannabis Infused Turkey Stuffed PeppersCannabis Infused Turkey Stuffed PeppersBy My Edibles ChefThese turkey stuffed bell peppers are infused with cannabis olive oil & seasoned to perfection. Not only are they delicious but they are also rich in Vitamin C, B6 & THC/CBD! Make them ahead of time & bake for a quick & easy meal.
Hazelnut Buzznana Cannabis WafflesHazelnut Buzznana Cannabis WafflesBy My Edibles ChefThese crispy, fluffy hazelnut buzznana cannabis waffles were inspired by a local waffle cafe in Vancouver. Ground toasted hazelnuts are mixed into the batter with whipped egg whites to make them light & airy.Once cooked to perfection in the Waffleye Cannabis-Shaped Waffle Maker they are finished with brûléed bananas, chocolate hazelnut spread & chocolate hazelnut whipping cream.
Easter Egg Chocolate Cannabutter FudgeChocolate Easter Egg & Cannabutter FudgeBy My Edibles ChefYou can have your fudge & chocolate Easter eggs too! Easy, fresh fudge made with simply sweet ingredients, cream & cannabutter. What's the point of having a Sweet Tooth if you don't use it?!
Vegan Orange Creamsicle Cannabis GummiesVegan Orange Creamsicle Cannabis GummiesBy My Edibles ChefVegan orange creamsicle cannabis gummies are quick & easy to make right in the comfort of your own kitchen. These gummies are made with an oil-based cannabis tincture so it has to be mixed into the coconut cream layer. You can combine the two mixtures together if you want to speed up the recipe as well.
Peanut Budder & Marshmallow Banana BarsPeanut Budder & Marshmallow Banana BarsBy My Edibles ChefThe classic peanut butter marshmallow bars with a couple of twists. Banana marshmallows are the new mini marshmallows, but the secret ingredient (CANNABIS) is in the infused peanut butter. If you do not have any infused peanut butter on hand then swap out some of the regular butter for CANNABUTTER!!
Easy Campfire Cannabis TacosEasy Campfire Cannabis TacosBy My Edibles ChefCooking over an open fire a is long lost art so I'm bringing back since camping season is upon us! It's time to brush up on your cooking skills with this easy campfire cannabis taco recipe!
Easy Cannabutter Pistachio FudgeEasy Cannabutter Pistachio FudgeBy My Edibles ChefEasy Cannabutter Pistachio Fudge or as I also like to call it, Faded Fudge! This recipe is made extra tasty with marshmallow fluff, instant pudding mix & loads of freshly chopped pistachios.
The Best Potent Weed Galaxy Brownies The Best Easy Space Cake RecipePotent Weed Galaxy BrowniesBy My Edibles ChefSPACE brownies, POT brownies, WEED brownies, whatever you want to call them, these will surely land you somewhere between Cloud 9 & the Milky Way. Make them less potent by substituting half or three-quarters of the cannabutter for regular butter.
Easy & Juicy Turkey Burgers with CBD Bacon JamEasy & Juicy Turkey Burgers with CBD Bacon JamBy My Edibles ChefTurkey burgers have become a staple in my kitchen. They can be made ahead of time or kept frozen for days later. I am sharing this easy & juicy turkey burger with CBD bacon jam recipe with you because I believe that a healthy & delicious meal can still be achieved even if you have a busy schedule. Keep it low carb with a lettuce wrap! There is also the option to infuse the burger with cannaoil if you so desire.
Ham & Peas Pasta with Parmesan Cannabutter SauceHam & Peas Pasta with Parmesan Cannabutter SauceBy My Edibles ChefDo you want an easy-to-cook yet elegant recipe? Than you must try this ham & peas pasta with parmesan cannabutter sauce. It can be a boring dish so I added a bit of flair. Let me guide you on how to prepare this wonderful cannabis-infused ham & peas pasta dish.
Crock Pot Marijuana Mac & Cheese With Jalapeño & AvocadoCrock Pot Marijuana Mac & Cheese With Jalapeño & AvocadoBy My Edibles ChefCrock pot marijuana mac & cheese is infused with cannabutter, cooked with jalapeño cheese & mixed with avocado mash right at the end. It's creamy, it's cheesy & it's rich in flavour. This is the ultimate comfort food & will leave you feeling ready for a midday siesta!
Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Weed CookiesQuick & Easy Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Weed CookiesBy My Edibles ChefGluten-free dark chocolate sea salt weed cookies are low carb, high in fiber, contains THC medicine & don't taste like cardboard! These are super quick & easy to whip up & don't require any starches or stabilizers. Make them dairy-free by substituting the kinds of butter for a dairy alternative.
DIY Cannabis Infused Cupcake Class Vancouver, BCVanilla Bean Cupcakes With CBD Strawberry FillingBy My Edibles ChefVanilla cupcakes filled with CBD strawberry filling, topped with fluffy vanilla bean buttercream. With this flavour combo, these cupcakes will surely leave you & guests in a state of sweet bliss.
Smokey Cannabis Cheese & Onion Hand PiesSmokey Cannabis Cheese & Onion Hand PiesBy My Edibles ChefFlaky, buttery pastry stuffed with a smokey, sweet potato & sharp cheese filling, balanced out with the texture of tender onions. These cannabis, cheese & onion hand pies are guaranteed to disappear fast. They require some time & effort to make but I promise, it is worth it!
Cannabidiol (CBD) Chicken Broccoli Cat TreatsCannabidiol (CBD) Chicken Broccoli Cat TreatsBy My Edibles ChefHomemade cannabidiol (CBD) chicken broccoli cat treats made with fresh ingredients that give your cat more nutrients than store-bought treats. The addition of CBD helps cats that are suffering from various ailments such as inflammation, nausea, seizures & pain
Quick & Easy Homemade Cannabis GummiesBlood Orange Hibiscus Rose Cannabis-Infused Kombucha GummiesBy My Edibles ChefHomemade THC or CBD kombucha gummies are easy to make right in the comfort of your own kitchen. Best of all, they are easy on the wallet too! Feel free to use a store-bought, flavoured kombucha to cater to your taste buds which will make this recipe even quicker to whip up.
Whole Roasted Cauliflower With Spiced CannabutterWhole Roasted Cauliflower With Spiced CannabutterBy My Edibles ChefThis whole roasted cauliflower, glazed with aromatic spices makes a great dish for a special occasion or for everyday cooking. It can be the star of the meal as a main or enjoyed as a side dish. If you would like to make it vegan, substitute the cannabutter for a cannaoil & vegetable oil or olive oil.
Infused Low Carb Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Banana MuffinsInfused Low Carb Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Banana MuffinsBy My Edibles ChefThese low carb grain-free chocolate banana muffins are fast & simple to make. They are perfect for breakfast, dessert or snacks on the go. Infuse with cannabis coconut oil & use dark chocolate chips to keep these muffins dairy-free & gluten-free.
Easy Cannabis-Infused Chicken AdoboEasy Cannabis-Infused Chicken AdoboBy My Edibles ChefDelicious & easy cannabis-infused chicken adobo. Fresh & simple ingredients produce an amazing flavor that you will not be able to resist. Pair with freshly cooked rice or bread & steamed broccoli or sautéed spinach or kale.
Fully Loaded CBD Fauxtatoes with Bacon JamFully Loaded CBD Fauxtatoes with Bacon JamBy My Edibles ChefCreamy puréed cauliflower mixed with butter, cream & CBD make these fauxtatoes low in carbs, keto friendly & medicinal. Top with CBD bacon jam to take this dish to the next level.
Cannabidiol (CBD) Gluten-free Pumpkin Carrot Dog BiscuitsCannabidiol (CBD) Gluten-free Pumpkin Carrot Dog BiscuitsBy My Edibles ChefQuick & easy cannabidiol (CBD) gluten-free pumpkin carrot dog biscuits. CBD can alleviate various ailments of your furry & huggable family member such as inflammation, cancer effects, seizure, arthritis, loss of appetite, anxiety & aggressive behavior.
Micro-Dosed Jam CookiesMicro-Dose Jam CookiesBy My Edibles ChefThese micro-dose jam cookies are one of my favourite recipes to make, also known as petit fours sec which translates to "little oven dry". These can be filled with any kind of jam or a variety to have an array of flavours & colours. water-soluble THC or CBD tincture mixed into jam is the method of infusion. They are the perfect micro-dosed treat, I think I shall start calling them, "petite dose sec".
Snow Clouds Over Canada CakeSnow Clouds Over Canada CakeBy My Edibles ChefSnow Clouds Over Canada Cake. Vanilla bean genoise cake layered with CBD infused earl grey milk chocolate ganache & white chocolate mousse.
Chicken, Cannabis & Mango CurryChicken, Cannabis & Mango CurryBy My Edibles ChefKeep warm during the winter with this sweet & spicy, mango curry infused with cannabis. You can use cannabutter or any kind of cannabis-infused oil. Adjust the spices to suit your taste buds as well, I like to add sriracha on top of mine!
Cannabis Spiked Roasted Nuts & PretzelsCannabis Spiked Roasted Nuts & PretzelsBy My Edibles ChefTreat your guests with a bowl of cannabis spiked roasted nuts & pretzels. Tossed in cinnamon, chili powder, maple syrup & cannabutter then baked to perfection. Be warned, once you start munching on these you will not be able to stop!
Easy Cookies and Cream Infused FudgeEasy Cookies and Cream Infused FudgeBy My Edibles ChefFudge is a classic candy from the 1800's & with all the new flavourings & toppings, it is even more decadent than ever before. Made with just a few simple ingredients & weed butter, this is a treat that anyone with a sweet tooth will love. It makes the perfect gift for that hard to shop for friend or family member.
Salted Cannabis Caramel ShortbreadSalted Cannabis Caramel ShortbreadBy My Edibles ChefButtery cookies layered with a creamy, salted cannabis caramel that is so rich & pairs perfectly with the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate topping that encapsulates all of the deliciousness. Elevate any special occasion with this dank dessert.
Perfect Cannabis-Infused Turkey with Herb StuffingPerfect Cannabis-Infused Turkey with Herb StuffingBy My Edibles ChefLearn how to make a classic holiday tradition with an infused twist. This cannabis-infused turkey with herb stuffing will have your friends & family going back for second & third-helpings until their munchies are satisfied .. or until the food is all gone!
Slow Roasted Cannabis Infused CarrotsSlow Roasted Cannabis Infused CarrotsBy My Edibles ChefThis recipe is one of my go to's when I want a side dish that is simple & easy. Slow roasted carrots made with cannabis olive oil are the perfect no-fuss dish that pairs well with many kinds of main dishes from chicken to steak or make it the star of your vegetarian meal.
Cannabis-Infused Butter ChickenBy My Edibles ChefI love this butter chicken recipe which is also known as Chicken Makhani. It is a classic dish from India, in the Punjabi region, now with a cannabis twist! Indian food is known for its heat, but you can adjust the spices according to your taste. If you want this dish to be credible, I’d say bring on the heat!
Double Chocolate Chip Hallo-weed CookiesDouble Chocolate Chip Hallo-weed CookiesBy My Edibles ChefDouble chocolate chip Hallo-weed cookies are sure to get anyone into the Halloween mood! Use different toppings for any occasion & adjust the ratio of cannabutter for the desired strength & flavor.
The Best Cannabis Infused LasagnaBy My Edibles ChefI specifically created this cannabis-infused lasagna for those who enjoy eating pasta as their comfort food. It’s a large casserole so you can serve this during a get together with your friends. For less hassle,  you can prepare the sauce ahead of time, cool it first then refrigerate or freeze. Have fun!
Buzznana Bread - Banana Bread Made With CannabutterBuzznana Bread – Banana Bread Made With CannabutterBy My Edibles ChefMy all-time favourite loaf to munch on is banana bread! So naturally, I am inclined to add cannabis to it. I present to you buzznana bread. Feel free to add a cup of nuts, berries or chocolate chips to the batter before baking for another flavour or texture.
Acai & Raw Cannabis Smoothie BowlAçaí & Raw Cannabis Smoothie BowlBy My Edibles ChefThe all mighty aḉai (ah-sah-EE) smoothie bowl just got a whole lot better & healthier with the addition of fresh organic cannabis leaves. Enjoy this deliciously refreshing meal for breakfast, lunch or dessert! Raw cannabis truly is a superfood as it provides fiber, vitamins, minerals & antioxidants.
Are Canadians Ready For The Legalization Of Edibles? - Baileys & Coffee Cannabis Sponge CakeBaileys & Coffee Cannabis Sponge CakeBy My Edibles ChefLearn how to make my Bailey’s & Coffee Cannabis Cake. This cake is a triple threat (in the best way possible). Infused almond sponge cake with a baileys cream filling, all coated with a coffee buttercream. It's light, fluffy, crunchy, not too sweet & totally LIT!
Pumpkin & Cannabis Cinnamon BunsPumpkin & Cannabis Cinnamon BunsBy My Edibles ChefFall is sweater weather, golden suns, chilly days & pumpkin cannabis buns! I made these for the Canadian Thanksgiving & they were a huge hit! The magic is in the filling, you can adjust the amount of cannabutter to make them more or less potent, which is the beauty of making your own edibles.
Healthy Hemp & Banana Gluten-Free MuffinsHealthy Hemp & Banana Gluten Free MuffinsBy My Edibles ChefGluten-free muffins that don't taste like cardboard! They are super moist, not too sweet, dairy free & the hemp seed streusel topping & cannabis coconut oil really takes this muffin to another level.
The Best Cannabis Carrot Cupcakes With Fluffy Cream Cheese FrostingThe Best Cannabis Carrot Cupcakes With Fluffy Cream Cheese FrostingBy My Edibles ChefI altered a recipe that I originally found online or in one of my thousands of recipe books to create the best cannabis carrot cupcakes! They are not too sweet, moist and crunchy with the addition of walnuts. Feel free to take out the walnuts and raisins if you so desire! This recipe also includes a pipeable fluffy cream cheese frosting that is a must to have on top!
Blueberry Lemon Haze Cheesecake CupsBlueberry Lemon Haze Cheesecake CupsBy My Edibles ChefMy tangy lemon haze curd, layered with fluffy no-bake cheesecake & a blueberry filling. The terpene limonene in the cannabis combined with lemons & blueberries is a match made in foodie heaven. These are a great after dinner dessert or even just a mid-day snack. No judgment here!
Everything You Need To Know About Edibles RecipesVegan Chocolate Cannabis CupcakesBy My Edibles ChefEGG FREE, DAIRY FREE, CALORIE FREE!! Okay just kidding about the 0 calories but regardless of what is or is not in these cupcakes, they are the BOMB. Are people still saying that these days? K, but seriously if I gave you one of these vegan chocolate cannabis cupcakes & an egg filled, dairyfied one, you would not be able to tell the difference, I promise! You might think this one tastes better & you would probably get pretty high so I recommend only one, this one. Okay I'm done. Enjoy = )
Magical Chocolate Lucky Charm Edibles Receipe Made With CannabutterMagical Chocolate Lucky Charm EdiblesBy My Edibles ChefLucky charm treats with a magical chocolatey twist. Let these treats take you to another level with the addition of cannabutter and edible glitter! This is an easy recipe to adjust the amount of cannabutter for the desired strength.
Medicated Mac & Cheese Bacon Omelette made with CannabutterMedicated Mac and Cheese Bacon OmeletteBy My Edibles ChefOkay, so I did come up with this when I had the munchies if you couldn't tell ... but come on it's a combo made in foodie heaven combined with medicine!
Keto Almond Crusted Cannabis ChickenKeto Almond Crusted Cannabis ChickenBy My Edibles ChefA healthy, keto friendly version of breaded chicken. Flavoured almonds provide seasoning for this simple but tasty recipe with a cannabis twist. Almond crusted chicken has become one of my go-to recipes.
Blackberry & Bud Mousse Cups Infused with CannabutterBlackberry & Bud Mousse CupsBy My Edibles ChefThere is an abundance of wild blackberries where I live so I was inspired to create this fresh & fluffy mousse dessert ... mmm, now this is my kind of treat!
Dank Cannabis Date Squares made with CannabutterDank Date SquaresBy My Edibles ChefDank date squares, marijuana matrimonial cake, call it what you want but this dessert is never going out of style! This recipe is lower in sugar than most date squares because I axed the sugar from the filling since the dates are sweet enough on their own.
Easy Infused Marinated OnionsEasy Infused Marinated OnionsBy My Edibles ChefMarinated onions are quick & easy to make, allow them to rest at room temperature for a couple of hours and you will have a tasty infused topping that you can add to burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches or anything else your heart desires.
Lemon Haze Limonene CurdLemon Haze Limonene CurdBy My Edibles ChefTangy lemon curd made with lemon haze cannabutter. The terpene limonene in the cannabis combined with lemons is an obvious match made in heaven. Lemon curd can be used to make lemon meringue tarts, a filling in cakes, drizzled onto pancakes or dolloped onto freshly baked scones, the options are really endless!
Soft & Chewy Cheeba Ginger CookiesSoft & Chewy Cheeba Ginger CookiesBy My Edibles ChefSoft & chewy ginger molasses cookies. The spices in these cookies are a great way to mask the flavour of the cannabis butter.
Cannabis Cake PopsCannabis Cake PopsBy My Edibles ChefVanilla cake lollipops dipped in white chocolate. You'll be everyone's best friend when you bring these cannabis cake pops to the party!
Peanut Budder Protein BallsPeanut Budder Protein BallsBy My Edibles ChefPeanut budder protein balls are made using only 7 ingredients, including cannabis honey. These are great for a quick pick me up. You can make a large batch at once & keep them in the fridge or freezer. They are dairy free, gluten free & contain 6.6 grams of protein!
Cannabis Infused Turkey Taco SaladInfused Turkey Taco SaladBy My Edibles ChefDuring summer there is nothing better than a delicious homemade salad after a long hot day. Feel guilt-free & relaxed after eating this flavourful infused taco salad.
Cannabis Infused Focaccia Bread with Cannabis Olive OilInfused Focaccia BreadBy My Edibles ChefClassic focaccia bread with an herb twist, cannabis olive oil! Perfectly crisp on the edges, soft & chewy on the inside. Top with infused or regular pizza sauce & your favourite toppings or keep it classic with herbs & coarse sea salt.
Raw Cannabis & Hemp Seed Smoothie BowlRaw Cannabis & Hemp Seed Smoothie BowlBy My Edibles ChefSmoothies are a brilliant & super easy meal to make. They allow you to consume most of your daily fruit & vegetables without having to take time & energy to chew them! Perfect for parents on the go, busy entrepreneurs, business people or really just anyone! Try any variety of flavour combinations that will satisfy your own taste buds.
Cannabis Caramel Vanilla FudgeCannabis Caramel Vanilla Swirl FudgeBy My Edibles ChefHappiness is a big block of cannabis infused fudge. Vanilla fudge is mixed with distillate, filled & swirled with chewy caramel & topped with sweet sweet toffee bits!
Red Curry Cannabis LentilsRed Curry Cannabis LentilsBy My Edibles ChefRed curry lentils, comfort food with a twist, cannabis! This dish is perfect for entertaining or meal prep.
Popular peanut butter pot bars made with cannabutter.Peanut Butter Pot BarsBy My Edibles ChefRich peanut butter oat bars infused with cannabis, topped with chocolate & salted peanuts. Need I say more?