Psilocybe Cubensis; the magical mushroom is now playing a big role in the medical and mental health industry.


I have been trying to write a post about mushrooms for weeks now but every time I open my YouTube app, I keep learning new information on the topic. I really feel drawn to share and to help spread the word about these more than magical fungi. I simply cannot write all of it in one post so I’m happy to announce that this is the first article of “Mushroom Matters.”

It started out with a phase I recently went through of listening to Joe Rogan podcasts. During which, I landed upon his 2 hours and 42 minute talk with Dennis McKenna, brother of psychonaut, Terrence McKenna. After hearing about all of the new medicinal findings in mushrooms and psychedelics, I became intrigued to learn more. This led me to Joe Rogan’s interview with Paul Stamets, mycologist, medical researcher and intellectual on everything fungi. I have become obsessed. I’ve dived into this rabbit hole which I do not plan to come out of any time soon.

Fungi are the architects of our existence, there are approximately 5 million types throughout the world, but not all species grow mushrooms. They are simply the fruit of fungi which are usually subterranean. They grow quickly, in as fast as 24 hours and only last a few days to a week or two depending on the environment. On a cellular level, humans, animals, and fungi are very similar, all breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Essentially we have evolved from fungi.


Stoned Ape Theory | Mushroom Matters | Psilocybe Cubensis | Molding Of The Mind


Evolution Of Consciousness, The Stoned Ape Theory:

Mushrooms may have played a big part of the development of our brains, that could be why they have such profound effects on our minds. The Stoned Ape Theory, created by Dennis and Terrence McKenna is actually a hypothesis since it cannot be tested and proven. The hypothesis is our primate ancestors tracked prey across the savannah, following footsteps and scat. Growing out of the scat were massive fleshy mushrooms called psilocybe cubensis. These would inevitably become a part of their regular diet and were consumed in mass quantities.

Paul Stamets asks people to suspend their disbelief about this hypothesis. Psilocybin substitutes as serotonin, it becomes a better neurotransmitter, activates neurogenesis, causes new neurons to form and creates new pathways of knowledge. Our ancestors repeatedly ate these mushrooms over many years which generated massive inputs of data causing a sudden doubling of the human brain between 2 million to 200 000 years ago. These magical mushrooms opened the floodgates of the senses, causing the feeling of empathy and courageousness. This onrush of development in the brain created leaders and tribes.


Mushroom Matters - Psilocybe Cubensis

Neurological Pathways Of A Brain On Magic Mushrooms VS The Placebo Effect


Psilocybin allows the brain to reset and create different neurological pathways to respond to fear. It has been proven to reduce fear and has helped people to overcome conditioned fear responses such as post-traumatic stress disorder as well as fear-related disorders in humans like anxiety, phobias, and panic disorder. Paul believes this should be called “epigenetic neurogenesis.”

The fear reduction qualities of psilocybe cubensis and other varieties of psychoactive mushrooms have made them novel agents for advanced-stage cancer patients who are experiencing anxiety, depression or a crippling fear of death. Randomized double-blind trials have proven a substantial and sustained decrease in all of these topics.

In 1 case, a lady who was in remission suffered from severe anxiety of her cancer coming back. She reportedly went inside of her body and found a black lump in an area where her cancer didn’t occur. She quickly figured out it was her fear, she screamed at her fear, telling it to “get the f**k out!” Months later she still had no fear of a recurrence after her profound experience.

Mushroom Matters | Psilocybe Cubensis | Molding Of The Mind

Pretty Blue Mycena Interrupt

Other Significant Benefits of Psilocybin for The Mind

  • improves symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • helps improve substance abuse disorder including alcohol, opioids, and cigarettes
  • effectively resets the activity of key brain circuits known to play a role in depression
  • profound advances towards learning/memory improvement and Alzheimer’s treatment/prevention


Not only do magic mushrooms cause a profound alteration in your state of consciousness but they rewire your brain causing new brain cells to grow, and change the way that the brain functions both short-term and long-term.


Mushroom Matters | Psilocybe Cubensis | Molding Of The Mind

Hydnellum Peckii, The Bleeding Brain Mushroom, Only Due To It’s Appearance


Do Mushrooms Make Your Brain Bleed?

The answer is NO. When I was in high school, I remember being told that mushrooms make your brain bleed and that is the reason why you hallucinate. This did not keep me from experimenting with them…

When you consume a mushroom, the psilocybin breaks down into psilocin. Remarkably, the psilocin molecule is an exact replica of your serotonin receptor molecule which your body naturally produces. When it binds with the receptor it does not cause any tissue damage or toxicity.


Negative effects of psilocybin

If you are at risk for a psychotic break or your family has a history of psychotic disorders then the consumption of magic mushrooms may bring on the symptoms more quickly.

If you are not in the right state of mind when consuming psilocybin or you have consumed too much you may experience paranoia, fear or anxiety. Consult with an expert or doctor before consuming any type of magic mushroom.

DO NOT try magic mushrooms if you have a medical history of any of the following. Central nervous system (CNS) cancers, kidney disease, diabetes, abnormal liver function tests, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease including untreated high blood pressure (BP greater than 140/90), and pregnancy. Do not use them if you are taking certain medications, such as anti-seizure, insulin and oral hypoglycemics, and cardiovascular drugs (except anti-hypertensive medications).


Mushroom Matters | Psilocybe Cubensis | Molding Of The Mind

Psilocybe Cubensis, Edible Magic Mushrooms


Do you have any experiences with mushrooms you would like to share? Tell us your story in the comments.


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