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September 18, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About Making Edibles Recipes

What does one need to know before making and consuming their own homemade edibles recipes? Let me guide you through the process.


What do you need to make edibles?

The main component of edibles recipes is usually a type of cannabis-infused fat such as cannabutter, cannaoil or infused coconut oil. With the legalization of marijuana being passed in many states and countries, there is a growing market of alternative infused ingredients such as powders and drops that can easily be added to foods or drinks. Of course, these types of products may be expensive to purchase and harder to attain for the average home cook, leaving infused fats as the ultimate and most versatile component for most recipes.

Everything You Need To Know About Making Edibles Recipes

Any recipe can be infused one way or another. In my experience, almost all recipes work out when a regular fat is substituted for an infused fat with the exception of some baked goods due to the chemistry involved. If a cake or cookie recipe calls for a large amount of oil or butter, it is best to substitute half of the amount required and check the final results on your first run. I have baked some edibles with large amounts of cannabutter thinking a little more won’t hurt, the results are usually a burnt gooey mess because the cannabutter will burn before the product is done baking.

As for other ingredients required to make edibles read my post on Cannabis Kitchen Staples for a list of herbs and spices, varieties of fats and the top 16 strains I recommend for cooking and baking.


Will edibles stink up your home? 

Generally speaking when you are cooking or baking with ready to use infused fats, the regular ingredients being cooked will take over the smell of the cannabutter or cannaoil in the edibles recipes. If you are making the cannabutter or infusing any fat, that is when it can get a wee bit stanky in your house!


How do you reduce the smell when infusing fats?

Reduce Smell of Cannabutter with a Mason Jar

There some methods to reduce the smell when infusing fats such as placing the butter and decarbed bud into a sealed mason jar first then into a hot water bath to begin the infusing process. Decarboxylate your bud in a turkey roasting bag in the microwave to prevent the smell from spilling into your house. If you are super concerned with the smell in your house or even outside. go into your bathroom, turn on your fan then open the turkey roasting bag of decarbed bud or your mason jar of infused fat. If you are only concerned with it being in your house then simply open these up outside. No one is really going to know where the smell is coming from.

Not sure what decarboxylation means? Learn about The Weed Decarboxylation Process or Quick and Easy Decarboxylation Methods.


How long do edibles take to make?

Again if you have ready to use infused fats then making edibles recipes is a breeze. If you have to infuse the fats then you are looking at 10-12 hours just to infuse them and then the time it takes to strain out the plant matter, put it in containers and do all the cleaning.


How long does it take to feel the effect of edibles?

Edibles take 1-2 hours to take effect and can last at least 3-5 hours or even longer in some cases depending on the dosage of edibles that have been consumed. This is because THC, also known as Delta 9-THC, is first absorbed into the bloodstream by the stomach. It is then metabolized by the liver and becomes 11-OH-THC and passes the brain barrier more rapidly and is more potent.

** Please note, it is highly recommended to eat edibles after a meal, never on an empty stomach, especially if it is your first time.**


How much should be eaten?

There is no correct answer to this question, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the consumer. You can use an edibles dosing chart as your guide or you can experiment by eating small amounts to start and then adjusting your dosage for the desired effect. This becomes a bit difficult as all edibles are going to be a bit different and each strain may react with your body differently so always keep that in mind. This is also the part where I say consult with your doctor before consuming any forms of edibles.


Edibles Dosing Chart


What happens if you eat too big of a dose?

The more you consume, the higher you will feel. Remember to start low and slow, even when you think they may not be working, do not eat more until a few hours have passed. You may start to get very giggly and have a great experience or you may start to feel tired, hungry or paranoid. If you start to have a less than ideal experience, grab a snack, drink some fresh water, remain calm and try to distract yourself by doing something you enjoy or chat with a friend.


Why should you eat edibles rather than smoke cannabis?

There are many benefits to eating edibles over smoking the herb. The traditional way of getting high, applying heat to the dried flower or an extract of cannabis by either dabbing, vaping or smoking it can irritate the respiratory tract or possibly damage the lungs depending on the amount of consumption. This is huge for consumers who may have health issues such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Athletes that need their lungs to be in good condition may prefer this method as well.

Eating cannabis is more discreet because it will not leave a smell on your fingers or clothes. At the end of the day, it is all based on one’s personal preference.


Explore all of my own homemade edibles recipes to get cooking today!


Magical Chocolate Lucky Charm Treat Edibles Receipe Made With Cannabutter



I am not a doctor, scientist or anywhere near a specialist when it comes to cannabis or cannabis related products. I am simply a woman who has become intrigued about the healing powers of the glorious pot plant.  I use my personal experiences as well as a collective of intelligence from friends, family, doctor’s/scientists research and studies from the world wide web. Please consult with your health practitioner before starting any new health regime and for the proper dosage for your body.


Author: My Edibles Chef

MyEdiblesChef.com is your online source for finding and learning about cannabis-infused recipes, connecting with an online community of cannabis-infused food lovers, and learning about professional cannabis chefs around the world.

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