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Our Newest Cannabis-Infused Recipes!

Cannabis Infused Turkey Stuffed PeppersCannabis Infused Turkey Stuffed PeppersBy My Edibles ChefThese turkey stuffed bell peppers are infused with cannabis olive oil & seasoned to perfection. Not only are they delicious but they are also rich in Vitamin C, B6 & THC/CBD! Make them ahead of time & bake for a quick & easy meal.
Hazelnut Buzznana Cannabis WafflesHazelnut Buzznana Cannabis WafflesBy My Edibles ChefThese crispy, fluffy hazelnut buzznana cannabis waffles were inspired by a local waffle cafe in Vancouver. Ground toasted hazelnuts are mixed into the batter with whipped egg whites to make them light & airy.Once cooked to perfection in the Waffleye Cannabis-Shaped Waffle Maker they are finished with brûléed bananas, chocolate hazelnut spread & chocolate hazelnut whipping cream.
Easter Egg Chocolate Cannabutter FudgeChocolate Easter Egg & Cannabutter FudgeBy My Edibles ChefYou can have your fudge & chocolate Easter eggs too! Easy, fresh fudge made with simply sweet ingredients, cream & cannabutter. What's the point of having a Sweet Tooth if you don't use it?!
Vegan Orange Creamsicle Cannabis GummiesVegan Orange Creamsicle Cannabis GummiesBy My Edibles ChefVegan orange creamsicle cannabis gummies are quick & easy to make right in the comfort of your own kitchen. These gummies are made with an oil-based cannabis tincture so it has to be mixed into the coconut cream layer. You can combine the two mixtures together if you want to speed up the recipe as well.
Peanut Budder & Marshmallow Banana BarsPeanut Budder & Marshmallow Banana BarsBy My Edibles ChefThe classic peanut butter marshmallow bars with a couple of twists. Banana marshmallows are the new mini marshmallows, but the secret ingredient (CANNABIS) is in the infused peanut butter. If you do not have any infused peanut butter on hand then swap out some of the regular butter for CANNABUTTER!!
Easy Campfire Cannabis TacosEasy Campfire Cannabis TacosBy My Edibles ChefCooking over an open fire a is long lost art so I'm bringing back since camping season is upon us! It's time to brush up on your cooking skills with this easy campfire cannabis taco recipe!
Easy Cannabutter Pistachio FudgeEasy Cannabutter Pistachio FudgeBy My Edibles ChefEasy Cannabutter Pistachio Fudge or as I also like to call it, Faded Fudge! This recipe is made extra tasty with marshmallow fluff, instant pudding mix & loads of freshly chopped pistachios.
The Best Potent Weed Galaxy Brownies The Best Easy Space Cake RecipePotent Weed Galaxy BrowniesBy My Edibles ChefSPACE brownies, POT brownies, WEED brownies, whatever you want to call them, these will surely land you somewhere between Cloud 9 & the Milky Way. Make them less potent by substituting half or three-quarters of the cannabutter for regular butter.
Easy & Juicy Turkey Burgers with CBD Bacon JamEasy & Juicy Turkey Burgers with CBD Bacon JamBy My Edibles ChefTurkey burgers have become a staple in my kitchen. They can be made ahead of time or kept frozen for days later. I am sharing this easy & juicy turkey burger with CBD bacon jam recipe with you because I believe that a healthy & delicious meal can still be achieved even if you have a busy schedule. Keep it low carb with a lettuce wrap! There is also the option to infuse the burger with cannaoil if you so desire.
Ham & Peas Pasta with Parmesan Cannabutter SauceHam & Peas Pasta with Parmesan Cannabutter SauceBy My Edibles ChefDo you want an easy-to-cook yet elegant recipe? Than you must try this ham & peas pasta with parmesan cannabutter sauce. It can be a boring dish so I added a bit of flair. Let me guide you on how to prepare this wonderful cannabis-infused ham & peas pasta dish.
Crock Pot Marijuana Mac & Cheese With Jalapeño & AvocadoCrock Pot Marijuana Mac & Cheese With Jalapeño & AvocadoBy My Edibles ChefCrock pot marijuana mac & cheese is infused with cannabutter, cooked with jalapeño cheese & mixed with avocado mash right at the end. It's creamy, it's cheesy & it's rich in flavour. This is the ultimate comfort food & will leave you feeling ready for a midday siesta!
Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Weed CookiesQuick & Easy Gluten-Free Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Weed CookiesBy My Edibles ChefGluten-free dark chocolate sea salt weed cookies are low carb, high in fiber, contains THC medicine & don't taste like cardboard! These are super quick & easy to whip up & don't require any starches or stabilizers. Make them dairy-free by substituting the kinds of butter for a dairy alternative.

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